Export and Import Services

Many exports and imports require approval from various U.S. Government agencies in the form of import permits or export/import licenses or agreements prior to conducting the activity.  Exporting and importing from or to certain countries, companies, and individuals can be prohibited.     Determining how to comply with the ITAR, EAR, OFAC and Permanent Import regulations can be overwhelming and confusing.  Our company provides you with the assistance and knowledge to both understanding and complying with these complex laws and regulations.

It’s your obligation to comply.  We provide support in Training, developing written Compliance Policies and Procedures, preparation and obtaining the required approvals, and conducting Gap Assessments and Audits of your current compliance program.

  1. Annual Export and Import Compliance Training on the various laws and regulations is a best practice and highly recommended.  The laws and regulations are constantly changing.  It’s your responsibility to understand and comply – even if you do not know they exist!  We can develop a training program that best fits your needs.
  2. If you are involved in any activities that are defined in the export regulations, including manufacturing items defined in the ITAR but no exporting, a critical element of your compliance program to reduce your risks of inadvertent violations is to establish written Compliance Policies & Procedures.  We have template procedures for small, medium, and large companies and can customize these to incorporate your current business practices and existing procedures – written or unwritten.
  3. Obtaining the required U.S. government export and import authorizations to conduct your international activities are confusing, complex at times, and the requirements of what needs to be included with each application are sometimes unclear.  To prevent applications being “Returned Without Action”, contact our company for assistance.  With experience since 1992 in submitting applications and keeping up-to-date on all the requirements, we can assist you in preparing applications that are processed correctly and in accordance with the current government written guidelines & unwritten best practices.
  4. Like any major function within a company that is required to comply with laws and regulations, it must be audited regularly to ensure compliance.  Our Gap Assessment or Audit provides your company with a tailored process to review your past and current activities.  We conduct these internal assessments with a very open and friendly approach and will highlight not only your best practices but areas of weaknesses that can be corrected with recommended best practices!   Our goal is to improve your compliance program.  Suppliers and Customers should only contract with companies who are complying with the export and import laws and regulations.  We can help you establish this reputation within your industry.